Tibetan Yoga Meditation Sound Bowl with Dual End Striker & Cushion

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Key points:

1. Help relax: The overtone of the singing bowl can help the body relax, and at the same time can balance and coordinate the seven chakras of the human body.
2. Handcraft: Handmade in Nepal, materials and sound quality are professionally modulated. Due to manual production, some errors are inevitable.
3. Yoga essentials: The low frequency of the singing bowl can regulate emotions, relax oneself, and help calm the body. It is an indispensable item for yoga and sing bowl healing.
4. Home decorations: Free bowl mats and wooden sticks, which can be placed at home as decorations. When you are free, let beautiful sounds surround you.
5. Positive influence: The sound produced by the sound bowl is a kind of "regular vibration", which can have a positive influence on the human body through listening or direct contact with the body.


Name: Tibetan singing bowl
Material: ring copper
Weight: about 225g
Caliber: about 9.5 cm / 3.74 inches
Height: about 4.2 cm/1.65 inches
Place of Origin: Nepal
Craft: hand polished

How to use: There are two ways to use singing bowls: playing bowls and grinding bowls. As the name suggests, it means knocking the bowl, gently knocking the bowl, and the sound is like a bell. When grinding the bowl, stretch your left hand flat, place the bowl on your palm, hold the grinding rod with your right hand, close to the bowl wall, and slowly rotate it to make a pleasant resonance. Also note that the speed should be moderate, but the direction is not limited.

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